M.C Janitorial Systems has in place health and safety procedures as mandatory company practice. Properly executing these policies in every janitorial project is important not only for the safety of our employees, but the overall security of all parties involved. After decades of industry experience, we still remain passionate about giving you a neat and clean property that you can truly enjoy. If you still aren’t convinced about the stellar team from M.C Janitorial Systems, then please go over our janitorial safety policy. All these procedures are carried out on every one of our work sites.


All cleaning equipment must be in optimum working condition. The employees using the equipment are all properly trained in its use. Our cleaners are well trained in the maintenance of our machinery. Taking proper care of the equipment is among the most vital aspects of our workplace health and safety procedures, and is important for the success of our janitorial safety program.

Janitor Closets

Organization and cleanliness of the janitor’s closet is critical to any work site. Since we use different cleaning agents, making sure that everything is in its appropriate place makes janitorial tasks easier to accomplish. Our staff will keep closets clean and organized at all times, in order to avoid confusion and adhere to our set of office safety procedures.

Shoe Types

Hard sole shoes are to be worn while working to protect soles and toes of the feet. During the operation of industrial strength vacuums and carpet cleaners, wearing the proper footwear is critical to our health and safety procedures program. For the continued protection of our team, we pay special attention to all of our equipment to avoid unnecessary and unwanted working hazards.

Dry Vacuuming

Liquid is never to be vacuumed with a dry vacuum. This may put both our employees and clients’ safety at risk, but through the implementation of our health and safety procedures, this circumstance is to be avoided at all costs.


Extension ladders must not be taken apart for use in another separate section. Part of our janitorial safety procedures is making sure all equipment is used as intended. We do not compromise or experiment with the use of our equipment for the sake of convenience, much less at the expense of risking the security of our team and clients.  

When ladders are found to be lacking in any safety device or are found to be defective in any way, they are not used. Ladders are only used when instructed by a supervisor.

Removing Garbage

When removing garbage be sure not to lift any garbage that weighs more than 20 lbs.

If the garbage is over 20 lbs, you are to get help from a co-worker, and remember that when lifting always bend your knees. In the case that you are on site alone, alert your supervisor where the garbage is. You may do this by calling 905-889-4224 or 416-977-8471.