People spend the largest portion of their day in the office, which is why it’s important to ensure that your corporate space offers a healthy, clean environment. Flu season is around the corner and staff members taking days off work to recover from illnesses can greatly affect a company’s bottom line.

While you may not see employee health and wellness as your responsibility, it is. A clean office building starts with regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure that everything from surfaces and cutlery to indoor air quality contributes to the health of employees.

  1. Contaminated Surfaces

With many people coming in and out of your building, surfaces can quickly become contaminated. Everyday things in your office, such as a keyboard, desktop and stationery, are exposed to thousands of types of bacteria. If these items aren’t regularly cleaned, germs can be distributed among your staff which can lead to many people contracting the same cold.

  1. Dust and Allergens

Another way that dirty offices can contribute to an unhealthy environment is through dust and allergens, which can trigger allergies. If your employees complain of allergic reactions such as sore throats or dry eyes, then it’s time to look at how you can spruce up the cleaning regimen in your office.

  1. Clutter

The third way that a dirty office reduces the health and wellness of employees is through unnecessary clutter. If an office environment isn’t regularly cleaned, then people will spend a lot of time looking for things. Not only does this reduce efficiency and productivity, but it also causes unnecessary stress.

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