If you’re considering hiring a Toronto condo cleaning service, then you’re probably wondering what type of tasks they can take care of. Where do their responsibilities start and end, and what type of cleaning tasks can you include in your cleaning plan? The first thing to keep in mind is that many cleaning companies offer customized cleaning plans. What works for a large office building, for example, may be considered excessive cleaning for a small company with only a handful of employees.

Here is a sample task list a commercial cleaning company can take care of for condo building managers:

  • Wiping of communal surfaces such as tables
  • Fluffing and straightening of pillows on communal couches and chairs
  • Dusting of ceilings, walls, screens, mirrors, pictures, blinds, lamp shades, and surfaces
  • Vacuuming of carpeted areas, pick up any litter found on the carpet
  • Sanitizing of telephones, computers and other electronic equipment in the reception area take out and replace with sanitizing of all handles and body contact areas
  • Removal of trash take out and just leave removal of garbage and replacing bags
  • Replacing garbage bags and liners in bins
  • Restocking paper towels, toilet papers and hand washing liquid take out and just put replenishing paper supply and soap in all communal washrooms
  • Cleaning of light switches, push plates and glass partitions
  • Scrubbing and mopping of hardwood, tiles and laminate flooring please add including any additional floor maintenance as per cleaning schedule
  • Change all accessible lights
  • Sweeping the flooring
  • Furniture polishing
  • Scrubbing of toilets, sinks and basins please change to cleaning all common rooms including party rooms, theatre rooms, guest suites and gym
  • Report of any repairs or maintenance that may be needed

Besides being able to outsource all these tasks to one cleaning company, you will also be able to expect a timely and respectful staff in uniform. The team at M.C. Janitorial Systems is reliable, punctual, efficient and we excel in time management. If you’re looking for the best condo cleaning company with staff who follows a schedule, are insured, bonded and always organized, then contact our cleaning company in Toronto today.