As a commercial cleaning company, we know that schools can be a breeding ground for illnesses and bacteria. The sheer number of children, and the vulnerability of their young immune systems means that facility managers, principals and building owners should make health and hygiene a priority.

Educate Children About the Importance of Cleanliness

Children come from different backgrounds. While some kids may have household chores that involve cleaning, others may be used to someone picking up after them. Host a school ‘housekeeping’ session where you explain why it’s important to keep the classrooms, hallways and playground clean, and what you expect from students in contributing to this initiative. You can also launch a recycling program and make sure kids know where to report littering on school property.

Have A Litter-Picking Hour Once a Month

Not only does a litter-picking event help create awareness about cleanliness and littering, but it can reduce the amount you have to spend on a professional cleaning company.

Hire Commercial Cleaning Services in Toronto

While kids and staff members can pitch in, you will need to hire professional cleaners if you want to maintain a clean, germ-free environment all year round. A deep clean, which involves carpet and floor cleaning, disinfecting the school cafeteria and so forth can go a long way in keeping the environment safe and hygienic. A commercial cleaning company will also have the right equipment and cleaning agents to ensure that everything from food and spills from science lab experiments is properly extinguished.

Companies like M.C. Janitorial can schedule regular visits to your school. Whether you need a weekly clean or a once-off deep cleaning service, we can help you. Contact us for more information today.