As a property manager, it’s important to keep your building in top shape both inside and out. Your tenants are relying on you to keep the areas clean they use the most. So what are the unknown dirty places in your office housing bacteria that could cause colds and possibly the flu?

Office Items you Need to Clean Regularly

Sink taps

Just because the dishes are clean doesn’t mean the hands of the people touching the sink taps are clean! The sink in your office building kitchen gets a lot of love and if it’s not cleaned regularly, germs are going to spread fast.

Solution: On top of the commercial cleaning service you employ, it’s a good idea to recommend that your tenants wipe their kitchen tap a few times a day with soap and warm water. This will prevent the germs from spreading.

Office Phones

Luckily most desk phones are only used by one employee but what about areas where more than one person uses a phone? In some offices, there’s a phone in the reception area for customers to use while they wait. In other businesses, multiple employees share a phone if they are in a warehouse or area where they don’t have a dedicated desk. The risk of bacteria that could lead to infections is something to be aware of when phones aren’t cleaned regularly.

Solution: Include the task of wiping down communal phones as part of your commercial cleaning schedule.

Computer Mouse

Most people use a mouse when they have a desktop computer. It’s something most office buildings don’t remember to include in the list of items to clean at the end of the day. Why is that? When you see how people eat at their desk, don’t always wash their hands and then use their mouse all day, it’s apparent how easy it is for bacteria to build-up on the most used item on a desk.

Solution: Encourage tenants to schedule a wipe down of their work station, which includes their mouse.

Photocopier Keypad

The keypad on a photocopier, depending on the business, could be going non-stop all day long. Some businesses, like medical offices, use photocopiers and faxes regularly. What happens when multiple people are touching a surface repeatedly? Germs!

Solution: Include a photocopier wipe down not just for dust but for germs as part of your office cleaning maintenance schedule.

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