Spring is the season of renewal and it’s also the time of year that many people focus on decluttering their physical and emotional spaces. If you are a building manager or run an office, then you know how crucial it is to set aside time each year to spring clean the work environment.

Here’s how to go about spring cleaning your workplace:

Remove clutter

Send out an email or gather everyone for a staff meeting and explain when and why everyone should set aside time to declutter their personal working space as well as communal areas. Not only will a clutter free environment help make everyone more efficient in their jobs, but it will also create a more pleasant atmosphere for workers and guests.

Dust before vacuuming and carpet cleaning

Once the clutter is removed, all of the surfaces and windowsills should be dusted. The dust will fall to the floor, which is why dusting should take place before vacuuming and floor cleaning.

Systematic cleaning of spaces

Besides workspaces and communal areas, it’s also important to spring clean different areas of the building such as storage rooms, meeting areas and parking lots. You may be surprised at how much clutter and grime can build up in these areas!

Deep floor and wall cleaning

An office building cleaning company can help with the deep cleaning of floors and walls. Companies such as M.C. Janitorial Systems have the right equipment and cleaning detergents to leave your office space looking like new.

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