Shopping centres require daily cleaning due to the vast amount of visitors coming in and out of the building. Hire a reputable shopping centre cleaning service in Toronto to help you maintain a safe, positive and hygienic environment for both your visitors and employees.

Our cleaning service can help you avoid the following issues:


Everybody is affected by bacterias and harmful allergens. Regularly cleaning the HVAC system and removing dust will help maintain clean and safe air quality in your store. It’s important to ensure your visitors are breathing in clean air to reduce the numbers of health problems and increase the numbers of happy customers.


Floors must be cleaned and dried quickly to protect people from slipping and possible injuries. Placing mats at each entry and exit door is a must to prevent dirty and slippery floors. Minimizing the risk of injuries to people will earn your shopping centre a good reputation as a safe place for families and children to visit.


Shopping centres with stained floors, grimy railings and stinky bathrooms will result in a bad experience for their customers. Customers need to feel welcomed and relaxed; not uncomfortable during their trip. Paying attention to every detail of the building will encourage visitors to stay longer and shop more!


Choosing the right shopping centre cleaning service will mean you and your customers will feel at ease.

We offer many services including:

  • Auto scrubbing high traffic floors
  • Stripping mall tiles and grout tiles
  • Thoroughly cleaning toilets and washrooms
  • Food court sanitization
  • High-pressure cleaning of parking lots and pathways
  • Indoor and outdoor litter removal
  • Professionally handling risks during cleaning
  • Interior window cleaning
  • Cleaning escalators

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