If you are managing a store, boutique or other types of retail space, then part of your job is ensuring a great customer experience. No customer will be happy shopping in a space that is dirty, full of clutter, not expertly laid out and inefficient to navigate. Here are some of the best practices for cleaning a retail space from experts in retail cleaning services.

Inspect your store

Move through your retail space as if you are seeing it for the first time. Are there any chipped tiles on the floor, broken fixtures, stained carpets or lopsided shelves and racks? These are the types of things that need to be fixed before you can start cleaning.

Establish a maintenance schedule

The sheer volume of people who move in and out of a retail space means that it requires more maintenance and cleaning than another type of building. Here’s a quick guideline on how your maintenance and cleaning schedule can be set up:

  • Annual maintenance: This includes tasks such as repainting and re-carpeting your store.
  • Quarterly maintenance: Check light bulbs, fixtures, ceiling tiles.
  • Monthly maintenance: Deep cleaning of floors, walling and other surfaces
  • Weekly maintenance: Wiping down and sanitizing of all surfaces.
  • Daily maintenance: Sweeping, vacuuming, removal of trash.

Check the restrooms

Does your store have restrooms? Make sure that you’re not giving a bad impression by making sure that the soap, hand towels and toilet paper are always stocked and that any unwanted odours are continuously removed.


Impressions matter in the retail world and you need to make sure that you are offering an environment that is welcoming and that invites people to spend their time and money. M.C. Janitorial Systems offers a retail cleaning services solution so that you can make a lasting, good impression. Contact us for more information about our commercial cleaning services in Toronto.