Your building requires a certain standard of cleaning as you open your doors to the public worried about contracting Coronavirus. M.C. Janitorial Systems has developed a COVID-19 Building Reopening Cleaning Service for Toronto area buildings to help them maintain a safe, positive and hygienic environment for both their visitors and employees during this time.


Our COVID -19 Phase 2 and 3 cleaning services, for Toronto and surrounding areas, is packaged to offer you a more in-depth clean during the pandemic.

Services include:

  • Disinfect and clean bathrooms
  • Clean kitchen area (i.e disinfect: sinks, tabletops, countertops, coffee station, cupboards, chairs)
  • Dust, wipe down and disinfect desks that are free of personal belongings and paper
  • Dust computer screens
  • Mop all areas with tile, including stairwells
  • Disinfect all stairwell railings and door handles
  • Clean all glass doors to rid of finger marks
  • Dust, wipe down and disinfect boardroom tables and chairs
  • Disinfect all door handles
  • Vacuum wall-to-wall (underneath all desks and chairs)
  • Clean all high dust areas
  • Wipe down and disinfect all phones and receivers
  • Dusting of fixtures
  • Dust and disinfect all window ledges and that is free of personal belongings
  • Wipe down all baseboards
  • Complete disinfecting of all chair armrests
  • Wipe down with disinfectant garbage bins at desks
  • Complete disinfecting of all other surfaces that are free of personal belongings
  • Complete disinfecting of any buttons or panels Clean, wipe down, disinfect and dust all fridges exterior and interior
  • Clean, wipe down and disinfect all microwaves
  • Cleaning of all interior glass in building
  • Carpet steam cleaning in the building


  • We always use disposable disinfectant wipes in the cleaning process in addition to our regular disinfecting of surfaces
  • Our staff wears gloves and are equipped with masks

Contact M.C. Janitorial today to discuss our cleaning service for buildings looking for a reputable Toronto based commercial cleaner with a COVID-19 focused service.