The harsh winters of Toronto bring a range of hassles and tasks, including deicing and shovelling. Many people use road salt and other types of ice melt to help alleviate certain parts of these laborious tasks

Whether you have a small or large business, this road salt will eventually make its way indoors. This salt can damage many types of flooring, including carpeting, tiles, engineered wood and laminates. There are several things that you can do to minimize the impact of road salt on your floors, including:

  • Don’t use too much salt. People mistakenly believe that the salt or other chemical ice melt products must cover the ice for it to work, which isn’t the case. As the salt dissolves, it will spread across the ice and naturally help larger sections of ice to thaw.
  • Remove the salt quickly. Use a broom or a mop to wipe away any visible undissolved salt. The longer the salt stays on your flooring, the more likely it is to leave scratches, stains or other marks on your floors.
  • Have shoe racks and entrance mats where staff members and guests can leave their shoes. This will reduce the amount of salt that makes its way indoors.
  • Invest in a neutralizing floor cleaner. Most floor cleaners have a neutral pH, which means that it will spread salt (which is alkaline) instead of removing it. A neutralizing floor cleaner will be more effective in removing salt from your floor.

Commercial cleaning services in Toronto can maintain your floors for you all year around. M.C. Janitorial offers office cleaning services in the area. We have the experience, floor cleaners and staff you need to protect your floors from road salt this winter. Contact us for more information today.