If you are a property manager of a building or buildings with businesses, then get ready for the holiday party season. It is fast approaching which means more fun for your tenants and more mess for your building! What should your commercial cleaners be doing differently during this season to get ahead of the game?

Follow these 4 tips to make sure your office building is always clean during the holiday season


1. Provide a Policy for Where and How to Display your Holiday Party Decorations

Decorating is fun, and you don’t want to be the stick in the mud and ruin your tenant’s party. Providing a clear and logical set of rules about holiday decorating can save you from having an awkward conversation. Rules around using certain kinds of tape, glue, nails to hang decorations can prevent your building from getting damaged. Bringing in real Christmas trees and other holiday plants which may lose their leaves or needles can also cause a big mess. Think about the different types of decorations and what upkeep and damage they might cause. Then decide whether you need to steer your tenants in the direction of using certain materials to hang things or displaying a fake tree instead of a real one.

2. Be Ready to Spot Clean Stains or get Carpets Professionally Cleaned

No matter the size of the office party, there is still the chance that red wine, chocolate or other pesky stains can be left behind, especially if you have carpet. It’s hard to make rules around what food people can bring into their business. This is why it’s a good idea to let your commercial cleaners know when parties are scheduled and where they will be in the building. This way your cleaners can plan ahead to spend more time on spot cleaning or professional carpet cleaning if necessary.

3. Check the ceiling for stains

The ceiling is always the last place people look for stains and dirt after a party. Why look at the ceiling? If a business decides to have a potluck and people bring crockpots or cooktops sometimes sauce and grease can make its way to the ceiling. Make sure your commercial cleaners take a look at the ceiling in the lunchroom or boardroom where parties are being held and ask them to do a quick wipe or spot clean of any left-over residue.

4. Source extra garbage cans

During the office party season, why not offer more garbage to your tenants so their staff can easily clean up after a party? If you make your businesses aware of this small but extra service, they’ll be more likely to clean up after themselves. That means less time and money cleaning their mess!

Talk to your cleaner and your tenants about how to manage holiday party mess so you’re all on the same page. Contact M.C. Janitorial Systems for more information about our commercial cleaning services in Toronto.