Are you looking to recruit top notch students to your school? How do you make a good first impression for families with high expectations? Parents want to know their children are in good hands in a place that is safe and clean. Find out what areas private school commercial cleaners focus on to always keep your school looking top notch.

Raise the bar of your private school’s cleanliness by employing a commercial cleaner that pays attention to these finer details.

Shiny Floors

When someone walks into a school and the floors shine, it attracts attention. Commercial cleaners have the equipment and expertise to bring your floors to life. They also know how to get into the corners and give the floors that professional glow. Keeping your floors shining on an ongoing basis is a detail that will not go unnoticed.

Spotless Carpets

If you have carpet in your school, you don’t want it full of stains and dust that accumulates over time. Cleaning the corners is key as dust and other allergens can get stuck and over time be harder to remove. Professionally cleaning the carpets on a regular basis will alleviate these issues and give you peace of mind that your school is healthy and safe.

Clean Windows

Clean windows can brighten up a room and create a pleasant working environment for students. Ongoing outside window cleaning may not be as necessary but regular indoor window cleaning is necessary to maintain an overall feeling of cleanliness. Dirty windows are noticeable right away and can detract from an otherwise sanitary building.

Sparkling Bathrooms

Have you ever avoided going to the bathroom because it wasn’t clean? One of the main areas that get dirty fast is washrooms. It’s easy to see the difference between a washroom that only gets a light cleaning vs a deep cleaning. Do you want parents to hear from their kids that there is caked on dirt on toilets, floors and/or sinks?

Sanitized Kitchen

A clean working environment is especially important when it comes to a school kitchen where meals are prepared. It is very important to thoroughly sanitize food prep areas and cafeteria tables where children eat to avoid germs and bacteria spreading and the potential for an allergic reaction to food. A commercial cleaner will also remove caked on food in hard to get areas that attract bugs or varmints.

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