Brand new 2018 is HERE – a year with new opportunities and undeveloped potential, just waiting to be explored…  Feel like jumping in, making it all happen… This will be the year in which we will surprise our customers and penetrate new markets…!  Maybe this sounds over-optimistic, but nonetheless – whether our businesses are thriving or surviving, we certainly share a desire to start the year with a renewed sense of focus and priorities, with a healthy dose of optimism thrown into the mix too, don’t we?  Let’s get to work then, leaving zero room for distractions.

Few things are as distracting as a dirty and disorderly work environment.  Nothing dampens office morale than office cleanliness being “less-than-ideal”… it simply won’t do at the start of a new year!

Research has shown that a clean, orderly and aesthetically pleasing space enhances creativity, focus and teamwork among colleagues.  This applies not only to the staff but also to visiting clientele – the first impression of a reception room or boardroom can’t be overwritten by even the most impressive presentation.

However, proper cleaning requires the correct effort, time and routine, so someone has to “own” it… Wouldn’t it then make sense to delegate this task to a professional team? A team who

  • knows what is an optimum schedule looks like – not too frequent, nor too infrequent;
  • utilizes the most effective methods and materials; and
  • cares and maintains – giving carpets and flooring the necessary care so that their quality and beauty may last.

We all know that a good support system is fundamental to achieving our goals, therefore, don’t hesitate – make 2018 the year in which you partner with an office cleaning service.  With more than 40 years’ experience, we are a commercial cleaning company with an excellent customer satisfaction rate – an achievement which will remain our greatest pride.  Based in Toronto, our honour to serve our clients so that they can thrive!