When planning a set schedule with a professional office cleaning company in Toronto, you will find that the frequency and intensity of your cleaning will very much depend on your individual circumstances. To guide you in setting a schedule, here are a few questions to consider:

List cleaning tasks required

Certain cleaning tasks, such as dusting, wiping down surfaces, disinfecting phones and mopping and carpet vacuuming in high traffic areas happen daily. Other cleaning tasks, such as carpet washing and stone floor polishing, can be scheduled depending on what was agreed upon within the cleaning contract. When outsourcing to a cleaning company, specify what type of cleaning you need on a daily, weekly, monthly and bi-annual basis. To start, the cleaning company should be able to guide you as to how often certain tasks should be scheduled and you can customize the tasks and schedule based on your building’s needs.

Type of building

If you are running a medical building or a building with a high amount of foot traffic, then the frequency of certain cleaning tasks will increase. The size and layout of your office can also determine how often you need cleaning. A company with 15 people in an open concept office will obviously require less frequent cleaning services than an office with 2000 people and multiple rooms.

Type of Industry

Companies in certain industries, such as auto dealerships, may also require more intense deep cleaning services. Look for a cleaning company that has clients in your industry to make sure you’re partnering with a cleaning service that has the right experience. Cleaning services are crucial for offices. Besides being able to give a positive impression to clients and guests, it can also impact the indoor quality, health and safety, as well as the efficiency of your staff.

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