Have you hired commercial cleaning companies that said their cleaners were following a certain protocol but in reality, they weren’t? You’ve signed a contract, it’s very clear what you’re paying for but for some reason what’s in the contract might not be what’s getting done.

Why does this happen? Simple. You don’t have supervised commercial cleaners.

At M.C. Janitorial Systems we pride ourselves on our work and repeat business. This is why we provide supervision at our sites on a regularly scheduled basis. What if one of the cleaners doesn’t show up? Who would know if someone isn’t there to check?

There are many issues you can avoid by having a supervisor on-site but here are 5 of the more common ones our clients have mentioned.

5 Reasons You Need Supervised Commercial Cleaning

  1. The cleaner does a good job but forgets the garbage inside or maybe doesn’t know where to put it.
  2. The building door is left unlocked because the cleaner forgets the code or doesn’t realize it is unlocked after the work is done.
  3. The cleaner has to leave early for whatever reason and nobody knows that the work wasn’t finished.
  4. Weekly or monthly tasks aren’t performed because it’s not part of the daily schedule and there is no one there to review the schedule and check the quality of work.
  5. Faulty equipment or a lack of cleaning supplies aren’t checked before the scheduled cleaning by a supervisor therefore not all the cleaning is done or performed to the promised standard.

If you’re looking for a commercial cleaning service for your building that takes pride in their work contact M.C. Janitorial Systems. Our supervisors are the backbone of our business and they set us apart from other cleaning companies that don’t have someone dedicated to putting your business’s needs first.