Eco-consciousness has come a long way over the past decade. What was once seen as an agenda that was only pushed by a few has now evolved into a global movement that stretches across continents, cultures and industries. Many companies are investing in green buildings, optimizing their energy and water efficiency, and looking at ways to decrease their carbon footprint. One way you can do this is by investing in green commercial cleaning services in Toronto.

Protect the environment

Besides doing your part in protecting the environment, you will also be able to protect the health of the occupants of your building. Green cleaning detergents, for example, have less of an impact on the earth during disposal and usage, and they are often also able to remove more particulate matter from a space.

Use green cleaning products

One of the things about green cleaning products that often surprises people is they don’t ‘smell like anything’. People are so used to the smell of harsh disinfectants and bleach that they associate these smells with cleanliness. Green cleaning products often have less of an odour, even though they are just as effective at remove dirt and disinfecting surfaces.

Appeal to environmentally conscious tenants

When it comes to environmental-consciousness, most property managers say that it is high on their priority list. Not only does sustainability appeal to many clients and investors, but it’s also a key motivator for millennials when it comes to choosing a place to work and live.

Make a difference where you can

Things like green cleaning may not seem like it can have an impact on larger global issues such as climate change, but if more people are prepared to think globally and act locally, then we would be able to ensure a more sustainable future for many generations to come. By controlling the products that get used in your office space and reducing your carbon footprint where you can, you are doing your part in reducing your impact on the planet.

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