A Commercial Cleaner in Toronto has to consider all four seasons. Fall weather can affect the type and amount of cleaning that needs to be done compared to what was done in the summer. Colder days and people back from vacation play a part in what cleaners need to focus on as part of their maintenance schedule. Here are some considerations property managers should note for a commercial cleaning plan when the weather gets colder and the leaves start falling from the trees.

Commercial Cleaning Plan: Fall Considerations

More Dirt and Leaves

Each time someone walks into your building they bring in more dirt and leaves. Do you have heavier mats and more of a focus on cleaning your entrances? Fall can be a beautiful time of year, but it also brings higher winds, rain, leaves, branches and more dirt that can leave your entrance looking messy and unkept. Talk to your commercial cleaner to see what adjustments have been made to your cleaning schedule based on the season.

Spiders Looking for Shelter

As the weather gets cooler insects, especially spiders, start looking for a warm place to live to fatten up. You’ll see new cobwebs showing up if you don’t take action immediately. What can your commercial cleaner do to get rid of the spiders before they become a problem?

  • Attention to corners: Spiders love to weave their webs in a corner. Pay special attention to corners and clean them more often.
  • Reach up high: Look to the ceiling and remove spiders before they start weaving their webs. The more it’s under control in the Fall the fewer spiders will be there in the Winter.
  • More vacuuming: Vacuuming floors more often can get rid of insects before people in your building see them.

Colder Weather brings Germs

Do you offer hand sanitizer in the entrances of your buildings? Combating Fall germs by cleaning surfaces more frequently and offering hand sanitizer will help to reduce colds and cases of flu that pass through your properties.

Talk to your commercial cleaner about a Fall Cleaning Plan so your patrons only notice the change of weather outside and not inside. Contact M.C. Janitorial Systems for more information about our commercial cleaning services in Toronto.