At M.C. Janitorial Systems we value our employees. Recently, Claudia Ferlaino, our Assistant Managing Director, received her certificate in Facilities Management from BOMI International.

Why is this certificate important?

Claudia is an integral part of the team and she is in direct contact with our customers. In the commercial cleaning business, it’s not enough to just offer a standard cleaning service. Our company wants to fully understand the business needs of the property and facility managers we work with day in and day out. By obtaining this certification Claudia is able to understand the point of view of a client, what areas are of greatest importance to him or her and how that can be tied into providing a quality cleaning service.

Who is BOMI Canada?

BOMI Canada is a certified educational institute that provides industry professionals with career-building education.

What’s included in a Facilities Management Certificate from BOMI?

  • Learn what goes into a building pre-occupants such as design, construction and systems installed within the building that affects the comfort level for occupants.
  • Review how all types of maintenance from repairs to preventative maintenance affect the function of the building.
  • Discover how a Facility Management Department should successfully operate and also how vendors such as commercial cleaning company can contribute to a building’s operational success.

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