Office cleaning in Toronto, or anywhere on earth for that matter, can be a mammoth task – especially after Christmas and year-end parties. With the festive season upon us, our commercial cleaning company thought it would be wise to share some of our helpful office cleaning tips.

  1. Unclutter the Office

Clear out any electrical equipment, files, folders and waste items that will only detract from your party décor. Clutter can easily pile up within an office space and this is the ideal time to remove unwanted items or items that can be damaged during a party.

  1. Plan Your Waste

Will you be serving food and drinks on paper plates and cups? Make sure you have conveniently placed waste bins and recycle bins throughout the office.

  1. Buy Air Fresheners

The smell of food and drinks can linger within an office for quite a few days. If you have staff returning for work the day after – or even a few days after – a party, then be sure that you have placed air fresheners throughout the space.

  1. Remove Fabrics That Can Stain

Tablecloths, upholstery, throw pillows and rugs can be more difficult to clean. Remove these items and put them in a store room for the duration of the party to avoid nasty spills and stains.

  1. Hire Professional Office Cleaners

Nobody wants to be tasked with the inevitable post-party clean-up. M.C. Janitorial Systems specialises in office cleaning in Toronto. Schedule regular maintenance clean-ups for your building. Contact us for more information today.