Condos are on the rise in Toronto. This has made condo cleaning services very sought-after. As a condo manager, you’re tasked with everything from the building’s maintenance and ensuring that the security systems are up and running to providing a healthy and clean space for all the tenants. Here are a few condo cleaning tips that you should keep in mind, not only for this festive season but also all year around:

1. Minimize Replacements with Adequate Maintenance, Cleaning and Repairs

Many of your building systems will be working overtime during the festive period. As tenants have frequent guests, visitors and even parties, everything from your lighting system to the elevator will be in overdrive.

Maintaining these systems is much cheaper than taking a reactive approach and having to replace things after they have broken down. By regularly checking and cleaning fittings, sockets and electrical systems, you can pick up on under-performing elements and give them the maintenance repair work they need before they have to be replaced.

2. Tell Tenants What to Expect

Condo living may inevitably lead to some type of conflict at one point or another. Different age groups, lifestyles and desires mean that people need to accommodate each other and must try to get along. Let tenants know that they can expect an increase in people within the building and on the property during the festive season. Consider initiating a formal complaint system so that tenants aren’t tempted to complain about noise levels or litter to each other. It is better that they follow a predetermined process so that you have a documented record of all the complaints and resolutions.

3. Hire A Professional Cleaning Company

M.C. Janitorial Systems is one of the best condo cleaning service companies in Toronto. If you want a reliable way to keep your condo building clean all year around, don’t hesitate, contact us today.